3 Best Solutions to Boost Your Windows Server Speed After Installing Antivirus

Windows 10 has a powerful notification system that can help keep you up-to-date on appointments, system events, email receipts, and a host of other timely information. Download files with no Url in the metadata if alternate download server is set – allows content to be downloaded from the Alternate Download Server when there are no download Urls for files in the update metadata. After you have set up and used Windows 10 for a bit, review your privacy settings. This setting prevents users from adding or changing the background design of the desktop. 3) In the System Properties window, go to Hardware tab and select Device Installation Settings.

Then, right-click on an empty space on the right side of the Registry Editor and select New > DWORD (32-bit). Mutual capacitance allows multi-touch operation where multiple fingers, palms or styli can be accurately tracked at the same time. I have been spending some time on the Configuration Manager forums on Technet lately, and questions about Software Updates (among others) frequently pops up. So I thought of creating a series of blog post explaining some of the basics of Configuration Manager or explaining some of the topics I often see being repeated as questions on the forums.

On the Change account type dialog box, select Administrator from the Account type dropdown list and click OK. Aside from standalone LCD monitors, these are often used in the same devices with resistive film touch panels, such as smartphones and mobile phones. Although these are pretty handy features, if you’re a network administrator working on an environment where you must prevent users from participating on cross-device experiences, or you don’t find it useful, and you don’t want to make your device discoverable by other devices, you can disable Shared Experiences using the Group Policy or Registry.

Let’s take a look at what this combination of Group Policy settings actually accomplishes. It’s been more than an year since the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released and Microsoft Edge got extensions support Till date there are only 60+ Edge extensions available at the Windows Store , which is very less compared to the number of extensions available for mainstream browsers like Chrome or Firefox. 3. As per the policy info, select the Disabled” radio option, and click on the Apply” and ,” buttons to save changes.

Most of us today are accustomed to using touchscreen technology and hence having it on laptops is just a welcome addition. Microsoft is going to ship the stable version of Edge Chromium on on January 15, 2020. But that option is no longer available with Windows 10. By default, the number of items that will display in the jump list is 12. However, if you need to increase or decrease the number of items, it’s still possible, but it will need to be done with a Registry hack.

There has been a manual disk cleanup tool in Windows for a long time, although it is buried on a sub-menu of Start. 8) Reason of the problem (as far as I suppose): In Audit-Mode we work with the Adminstrator-profile c:\users\administrator. Those on Windows 10 Pro can avoid any hassle by uninstalling the update via Settings – Windows Update – View Update History and then uninstall the update. On previous versions of Windows, the operating system wouldn’t be able to transition to that low power state because it treated those background processes the same as foreground processes.

With Power Throttling”, when background work is running, Windows places the CPU in its most energy efficient operating modes – work gets done, but the minimal possible battery is spent on that work. At the end of the day, however, unless you’re pushing the Surface Pro 6’s multi-core performance to the extreme, the 2-in-1 flies. The pen does not position the screen cursor, or otherwise work properly. Once you’ve completed the steps, the new local account will be listed under Other users.” The only caveat is that for security reasons, Windows 10 creates every new account with standard privileges that limits the usability of Windows 10. If you want the user to have more privileges to install application and make system changes, you’ll need to change the account type to administrator.

Using Group Policy, a network administrator points Windows 10 PCs to the WSUS server, which serves as the single source of downloads for the entire organization. To temporarily disable autologon in Windows and manually select a user credentials under which you need to log in, you must hold down the Shift key while Windows is booting. There is a way to lock the rotation, so the display will remain in a portrait or landscape orientation regardless of your device’s position.

This will block the Microsoft accounts login feature entirely, therefore, also stopping the Microsoft Account Problem notification message popup in Windows 10. If you’re running Windows 10 Home, you won’t have access to the Local Group Policy Editor, but you can still prevent users from changing the desktop background by modifying the Registry. While logged in to the admin account, you can rescind or upgrade a user’s or group’s permissions (the default is full control for all users).

Shared Experiences allows you to share experiences, send messages, web links, and open apps across other devices including other Windows 10 PCs, Windows 10 Mobile phones, and Android devices. It does almost the same job as Disk Cleanup but it runs automatically without any action needed at your end. Go to Windows Update and next to the "restart now" button, select schedule the dbdata.dll restart. In some instances, Jump Lists provide shortcuts to features (such as Internet Explorer 8’s InPrivate Browsing mode), and it’s only a matter of time before software makers find even more time-saving uses for them.