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Last but not least on the features front, they have tackled the great whitespace problem. This has been a longstanding issue in XML opened or created in FrameMaker, which would randomly add inappropriate whitespaces in odd places.

We will review your message and get back to you shortly via email. Samalander created a tool that handles all your references and frankly blows Adobe’s functionality out of the water. Generally, I wasn’t overly wowed by the product itself, but FM XML Author is still a solid little tool, even though it’s a stripped down version of FrameMaker. It’s the first version of the tool, so it still has a lot of the clumsiness that more mature tools like oXygen have eliminated.

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If you ever tried to open your FrameMaker XML in another XML editor, you were left with a mess. It’s now completely DITA-compliant in its treatment of whitespace and you can roundtrip your XML through a number of other editors without fear. Integrate with and easily save to DropBox, if that’s how you manage or share your files. It has inline element insertion (CTRL+1) with filter-as-you-type functionality, as well as keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+2, CTRL+3) for other functions like change and wrap elements .

Household Inventory

  • Be detailed in the information you provide including model numbers, serial numbers, manufacturers, cost when possible and how old it is.
  • Personal Property Insurance or a Rider for collectables will help cover the replacement cost of those personal items you couldn’t stand to lose.
  • It is wise to videotape, or at least photograph, each room at the same time.
  • Downloadable home inventory software makes it easy for you to complete a thorough and accurate home inventory for your home insurance needs.
  • Anything that makes the process quicker and more accurate is a plus when it comes to home inventories.

Moreover, it can be used to decode the MRN Real-Time News which provide by using MRN_STORY RIC code. The utility has an internal algorithm to scan the XML fragments and find a series of compressed MRN fragment data inside the tracing log. Then it can unpack the data and shows the MRN JSON data on the GUI.

A typical transformation to XHTML displays the output as a separate document in Exchanger’s main pane. You can preview the file in a browser with a shortcut key. DocBook and DITA are storage formats, and not presentation formats. So to deliver a document to an end-user, the DocBook or DITA code has to be transformed into a delivery format such as PDF, RTF, or HTML.

Start using the application, a user has to click at bullet 1 which is Load Trace file button to load RSSL Trace log XML download checker file. To build the application you just need to clone the solution from GitHub and then open solution file RSSLTraceViewerGUI.sln with Visual Studio 2017. Note that traceMsgFileName is an output of the XML file used by RFA to generate the log. From the example provided above, the output will be RSSLConsumerTrace_.xml where is the process id of the application. The utility can be used to read the XML fragment and decode the Hex string in the field entry of the Market Price and Level 2 Market data to an actual value according to the data type from the data dictionary.

The following sample is details about a number of XML fragments the application read from the XML file. Bullet 4 is the area of Tree View component for displaying decoded data. The application will generate a Tree View from the structure of the XML fragment.