A supervisor, however, also provides the program during the day, so the kids are under supervision.

A supervisor, however, also provides the program during the day, so the kids are under supervision.

Loading and unloading: This is particularly interesting for children at the beginning of the second year of life. Play cups with cubes, buckets and molds in the sandpit, boxes or cans – everything that can be put in and out is very popular. Among other things, this has to do with the fact that children of this age are in the process of developing a spatial conception. Stacking: Once the sorting skills have been trained, they can move on to stacking. The little ones build towers out of all sorts of things – regardless of whether they are suitable for it or not. Line up: This replaces the stacking and usually shows up towards the end of the second year of life. Many children now prefer to line up all of their toys. At around the same time, they slowly realize that objects can be the same or different. Then all kinds of things are sorted by shape, color, or size. In addition, children of this age are increasingly able to assign simple geometric shapes – pretending that girls and boys get really creative from the end of their second year of life. A shoe becomes an airplane, a stick a spoon. If something is not there, children can now simply imagine it. Professionals call this type of game "Symbol game"At this time, children more and more often imitate their parents’ activities – the doll is fed, the table in the doll’s house is set and so on. This is how children get to know their environment. You don’t just practice how to master everyday things. But also how to get along with other people and express feelings. Children also often take up experiences in the game. This is used for processing. Nothing for helicopter parents: childhood was so beautiful and dangerous Leisure Top 10: These are the favorite activities of childrenSources used: news agency dpa-tmne’s own research

The first Salzwedeler Baumkuchenfabrik Hennig is recalling its complete Baumkuchen product range. The reason: microbiological contamination was found in the affected products.

The most common reasons for food recalls
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Due to contamination with microorganisms – mold and bacteria – Erste Salzwedeler Baumkuchenfabrik Hennig is recalling Baumkuchen and Baumkuchen products. The contamination was found in batches from the production period October 2020. However, since contamination of products manufactured earlier cannot be ruled out, all products are being recalled, according to the published recall.

Which product is affected?

Baumkuchen: All products from Erste Salzwedeler Baumkuchenfabrik Hennig are being recalled.

The recall applies to:

Product: All Baumkuchen and Baumkuchen products of the Ersten Salzwedeler Baumkuchenfabrik Hennig – including Baumkuchentorte, Baumkuchenviertel and Rumkugeln Affected federal states: Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, Thuringia

The goods were sold in branches, at markets, trade fairs and online.

What can you do?

Customers who have already bought the Baumkuchen products or rum balls should pay attention to the recall. "As a precaution, any products, fresh or frozen, should no longer be consumed" it says in the message.

In addition, all affected products that customers have bought and possibly frozen in the last twelve months should be returned with their full name, telephone number and, if applicable, the customer number. If possible, you will receive a replacement or the purchase price refunded.

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For further questions, customers can contact the staff directly or the customer hotline on 03901-32306. The main store in Sankt-Georg-Str. 87 in 29410 Salzwedel is open for this measure from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sources used: Recall from the manufacturer

Children’s milk is often contaminated with mineral oil and controversial additives such as phosphates. This is shown by an investigation of "Eco test" for the "parents"App. You can read here which products performed particularly poorly.

"Eco test" has for his "parents"-App examined a total of eleven children’s milk products. The result is according to a press release "devastating": The top grade in the test is "sufficient". Most of the products were made with "inadequate" or even "insufficient" rated.

Children’s milk is "milk" in powder form specially intended for children from the age of twelve months. It is enriched with a variety of vitamins and minerals. According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, this is completely unnecessary since children are provided with sufficient nutrients if they have a balanced diet.

Children’s milk: mineral oils in ten of the products tested

Ten of the eleven products tested contained more than one milligram of saturated hydrocarbons (Mosh / Posh) per kilogram of milk. These are mineral oil components that can accumulate in fatty tissue and the liver and have led to organ damage in animal experiments.

The manufacturers also https://topadultreview.com/japaneese-brides/ added phosphates to nine of the eleven products. These often serve as stabilizers or acid regulators in food. Phosphate additives are criticized because too much of them can damage the kidneys. They can also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Children’s milk in the test: These products received a "insufficient"

These two products performed particularly poorly in the test:

"Bebivita children’s milk 1" fell in the test "insufficient" by. The reasons for this are the mineral oil components, phosphates and aroma found in the children’s milk, as well as deficiencies in the declaration. As the only milk in the test, the product is also contaminated with very high levels of fat pollutants "insufficient" has been "Holle organic follow-on milk" classified. The testers designated the Mosh / Posh levels as "greatly increased" and found the declaration on the packaging of the children’s milk, among other things, in need of improvement.

"Eco test" has had the children’s milk examined for mineral oil components, fatty substances, the germ load and chlorate. The overall assessment also included the declaration on the packaging – incorrect nutritional units, missing warnings, exaggerated health promises and advertising that were taken for granted led to a devaluation of the product.

Stress on the kidneys: when can babies start drinking cow’s milk? Healthy and important in moderation: You can drink this much milk Does milk make cancer: does milk make cancer? Drinking: is your child drinking enough?Sources used: press release from "Eco test"

Piercing and tattooing are legally considered as willful bodily harm that only goes unpunished because the person concerned consents to the intervention. When is it allowed to adolescents to have their bodies tattooed or pierced? "beautify" allow? The Youth Protection Act in Germany does not provide any rules for this.

There is currently no legal age limit for tattoos and piercings in Germany. This is because it is not possible to say exactly at what age a young person will experience the consequences of "willful assault" can estimate – namely that, for example, widened ear holes will not grow closed again or that a tattoo can only be removed again with great effort and at your own expense. The ability to assess these risks and long-term consequences depends on the age and individual maturity of the young person.

The widespread practice of tattooing young people from a certain age when they present a declaration of consent from their parents or are accompanied by them also has no secure legal basis. "What is relevant is not the age, but the mental maturity of the young person himself. If he has the necessary intellectual maturity, he can declare his consent himself. But the tattoo artist cannot check that" explains lawyer Urban Slamal from the Bundesverband Tattoo e.V., who specializes in the legal aspects of tattooing.

Whether the parents can consent to their child being tattooed has not been conclusively clarified in legal terms. A declaration of consent from the parents only protects the tattoo artist from later trouble with them.

That’s what the professional associations say

The professional associations have imposed different regulations on themselves. The German Society for Piercing (DGP) speaks out against interventions in young people under 14 years of age. "We fundamentally reject that" says the DGP chairwoman Martina Lehnhoff. In the case of older adolescents, the consent of both parents is required. They would also have to be present at the preliminary discussion, where they would be informed about the risks, care and aftercare.

The Federal Association of Jewelers, Jewelery and Watch Shops (BVJ), however, sees no need for an age limit. "We cannot relieve the guardians of their responsibility" says BVJ managing director Joachim Dünkelmann. The association’s recommendation is to require the consent and presence of a legal guardian for children under 16 years of age. In the opinion of the BVJ, a written declaration of consent is sufficient for young people aged 16 and over.

"I do not advise tattooing minors. So you are on the safe side" says lawyer Slamal. The Association of German Organized Tattooists (DOT) also rejects tattoos for young people under the age of 18.

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Educate young people about the possible risks of tattoos and piercings

Before piercing or tattooing, customers must be informed about the appropriate follow-up treatment and possible risks such as allergies, inflammation and scarring.

Youth Protection Act 2021: How long can young people go out? Youth Protection Act 2021: When is alcohol allowed? Youth Labor Protection Act: This is how long minors can work This is what the law says: which driver’s license from what age? Protection of minors: when is sex allowed?

By the way, piercing as bodily harm is liable for damages if the studio works in an unclean and amateurish way and there are subsequent problems such as inflammation or scars. Young people should be very careful when choosing a studio and inform themselves about the hygienic regulations.

Two weeks hiking with your parents? A week at the sea with the whole family? Many teenagers imagine their vacation differently: sun, beach, adventure – and above all without parents. But if you are traveling alone for the first time, you cannot simply book into the blue.

There is a wide range of options for young people who want to travel for the first time without their parents: youth trips with tour guides or supervisors, language trips, sports trips, self-organized trips with friends. The differences are particularly evident in the care: "That’s why I have to think about what I want. Can I travel alone or do I need someone to accompany me?" says Ulrich Gerth. He is chairman of the Federal Conference for Educational Advice (bke).

Better to start small

Whether young people should travel with an organizer or alone depends on their age, independence and experience. For example, a tour guide only organizes the trip. On vacation itself, he tends to hold back and only care when difficulties arise. A supervisor, however, also provides the program during the day, so the kids are under supervision.

For young people who are leaving for the first time without their parents, Gerth advises them to start small.