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All journeys where you are driving your car should be monitored. The application will only log journeys when your phone is linked to your cars Bluetooth or the smartdriver wingman. Although we monitor your speed we do not pass this data on to anyone else unless we are legally obliged to do so or you are involved in an accident. Speeding is however a major cause of severe accidents and therefore will be reflected in your driving score and we will message you each time we think you have driven too fast and dangerously. If you ignore our warnings and don’t slow down this could impact on your cover going forwards. Quite simply the better you drive throughout the year, the better your driving score will be and the better and cheaper your insurance renewal will be! Unlike some other policies that monitor driving and give you a driving score we won’t put your premium up mid-year just because of your score may not be as high as it should be.

Should you need to make an alternative booking for a different date or time, you can do so via our website, mobile app or our At Your Service Centre. It is the customer’s responsibility to let us know that their flight is cancelled and no longer require a vehicle.

However before this situation gets close we will be in contacting regularly via App messaging, SMS, email and by phone. Obviously this is the last thing we want to do so want to be able to work with you to improve your driving and avoid this situation. These activities may involve us releasing personal information to insurers, regulatory authorities or agents providing services on our behalf. will then be used to develop a profile of how, where and when, your vehicle is being driven, and from this, we will be able to assess Your driving behaviour. Obviously doing anything with your phone whilst driving is dangerous. Therefore we have built the app with an auto start stop function so once you’ve installed it you don’t have to worry about recording your journeys as it will do it automatically for you.

The app homepage does show a simple ‘recording’ message if you wish to check that it’s functioning . GPS stands for Global Positioning System and uses a series of satellites in the sky for navigation purposes. Our app uses the built-in GPS functionality in your phone to track where your car is at any given time. To do this successfully and accurately the phone needs clear line of sight of GPS satellites in the sky . Depending on how many satellites your phone can see and link to it is extremely accurate .

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All driving licences with an expiry date from 1 January 2021 must be renewed. All driving licences with an expiry date between 1 February 2020 and 31 December 2020 will be treated as valid for a further 11 months. Therefore please ensure when you text in to register it is on the phone you are going to use to monitor you driving. Obviously if you have 2 phones you will need to make sure you have the one with the App downloaded on to it whenever you drive. We do fully expect there will be times when your phone won’t pick up a GPS signal or the signal will be weak. Don’t worry if this is the case as we take this into account when monitoring your driving and calculating your score. On average, we’d expect to achieve successful monitoring of 80% of all journeys.

Please cancel your booking via the mobile app, on our website or contact our At Your Service Centre on . If your driver has been allocated Ricoh drivers download to you for less than five minutes when you cancel the booking, there will be no charge/cancellation fee. If your driver has been allocated to you for over five minutes when you cancel the booking, a cancellation fee will apply. For full terms and conditions, covering all cancellation charges, visit ourTerms and Conditions. Essentially, if you have a medical condition that may affect your driving, you will need to advise the DVLA.

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Don’t worry – the app automatically starts when you make a journey and are connected to Bluetooth, and stops recording when it’s over so once it’s downloaded it takes care of itself. You should always use the app when you drive and if we notice you haven’t recorded any journey’s for a while we will be in touch. From this information the app maps your journey – time, speeds and changes in acceleration and braking. This data is then analysed and converted into a score out of 10 so you can see how well you’re driving.

The DVLA website contains details on the medical conditions that should be notified, and how to notify them. If you have advised the DVLA of your condition and they have granted your licence, you can be covered on our Learner Driver Insurance policy. However, we are unable to provide cover if you have not told the DVLA about a condition that should be notified to them, as this invalidates your licence. The driving licence fee includes the return of your supporting documents by second class post. If you would like your supporting documents returned by secure delivery, include a pre-paid Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope. Changes made to the format of the Great Britain driving licences from 8 June 2015 have no effect on licences from the Driver and Vehicle Agency in Northern Ireland. NI licences are still made up of two parts, a plastic photocard and paper part which is known as the paper counterpart.

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If there appears to be a large gap in your data we will get in touch to help you rectify the fault. Our ultimate sanction, should you frequently and consistently drive dangerously will be to cancel your policy.

You are not required to tip your driver although any tip is greatly appreciated. Your bank may let you try again but if you cannot authenticate, you may have to try a different card or alternative form of payment. We advise you to ensure you have updated your mobile number with your bank. We require flight numbers at the time of booking and will track flight arrival times, and where possible we will adjust your driver’s arrival at the airport accordingly to avoid unnecessary waiting times. When you have provided us with the flight number at the time of the booking, we will be aware of this cancellation and therefore will cancel the booking.