The Ministry of Education and Science has developed a regulation on the supervision of teachers

The Ministry of Education and Science has developed a regulation on the supervision of teachers

The corresponding order was signed by the Minister of Education Lilia Grinevich.

The document defines the list of measures for the development of a modern model of the pedagogical profession, the transformation of higher and professional higher pedagogical education, as well as measures to ensure continuous professional development and professional development.

It is planned that within the framework of the implementation of the Concept for the Development of Teacher Education in 2019, the professional standards of teachers of secondary education institutions, teachers of vocational education institutions and teachers of vocational higher education institutions will be approved.

It is also planned to approve a code of ethics for teachers.

In addition, the Ministry of Education has approved a description of the digital competence of a teacher.

The draft law "On complete general secondary education" will provide for the introduction of internships for admission to teaching. The bill will also provide for the provision of material and moral incentives to teachers to improve their educational level.

The Ministry of Education plans to update the material and technical base of institutions of higher pedagogical education, in particular, the re-equipment of laboratories of physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy of higher education institutions that train specialists in the specialty "Secondary Education" … It is also planned to provide universities with textbooks and manuals for teacher training.

The plan of implementation of the Concept of development of pedagogical education provides other measures which are directed on development of pedagogical education.


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The Ministry of Education approved the regulation "On the interschool resource center"

Children’s interschool centers will be created in Ukraine

The Ministry of Education has approved the regulation "On the interschool resource center."

The document defines the basic principles of creation and operation of interschool resource centers, which will be able to provide in-depth study of individual subjects, elective courses, electives, training students in a network form of education, etc.

The Ministry of Education notes that now the local authorities and educational institutions have new opportunities to develop the optimal modern infrastructure of schools – natural laboratories, gyms and other opportunities for in-depth study of subjects.

According to the Minister of Education Lilia Grinevich, now many institutions lack resources, equipment, laboratories where students could learn to apply the theoretical knowledge in practice.

“In the interschool resource center, they can create conditions for teaching students from several institutions at once, and conduct both school and extracurricular activities. We are talking about the equipment of stationary and mobile laboratories, student greenhouses, conservatories, production facilities, swimming pools, sports grounds. This approach allows concentrating resources and providing better conditions for a large number of children at once, ”the minister explained.

In addition, it is planned that interschool resource centers will lab report writing online also promote career guidance among students, develop their individual professional trajectory, implement vocational courses in electives, electives, clubs and counseling activities.

Cooperation between resource centers and schools can take place through the conclusion of bilateral agreements. The school will be able to transfer the pedagogical workload to the center in certain subjects, and it will provide the appropriate amount of mastery of the material.

Not only local authorities, but also any legal or natural person, regardless of the form of ownership or organizational and legal form, will be able to establish the MRC.

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The implementation of the reform depends on the quality of cooperation of all people involved in its implementation

Grinevich: There are difficulties in communicating the reform

The Minister of Education Lilia Grinevich believes that the implementation of educational reform depends on the quality of cooperation of all people involved in its implementation. She said this during a meeting with World Bank Vice President Cyril Mueller, during which they discussed the possibility of future cooperation between the two institutions.

According to Grinevich, communication of reforms should become one of the areas of cooperation between the Ministry of Education and the World Bank.

"It is important to communicate the reforms, because the education system is very large, the reform depends on the quality of cooperation of all people involved in its implementation. I feel that right now we have significant difficulties in communication," the minister said.

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The Ministry of Education and Science has developed a regulation on the supervision of teachers

Supervision and supervisors will appear in Ukrainian education

The Institute for Modernization of the Content of Education together with the Department of General Secondary and Preschool Education of the Ministry of Education and Science presented a draft Model Regulation on Supervision of the Implementation of the New Ukrainian School Concept. The document has been submitted for public discussion, which will last until January 10.

The regulation determines the methodological and organizational basis for supervision, ie the tool of professional support of pedagogical staff of preschool and general secondary education institutions.

According to the authors of the document, supervision is a tool of professional support and professional development, which provides a set of measures for educational and methodological support of teachers of preschool and general secondary education in the implementation of the tasks of the New Ukrainian School.

The draft regulation also defines the concept of a specialist who will now deal with the professional development of a teacher-supervisor.

In particular, the supervisor is a specialist with a high level of qualification and successful work experience, who carries out his activities for professional support and professional development of teachers, trainers and trainers, promotes partnerships between all participants in the educational process in reforming the education system. implementation of the Concept of the New Ukrainian School.

Supervisors can be coaches and trainers-teachers of the New Ukrainian school, employees of the relevant departments and methodological centers of regional air defense institutions, as well as other specialists.

It is planned that the key functions of the supervisor will be advisory and mentoring functions, as well as the function of facilitator (moderator).

Forms of supervision can be individual or group. Supervision can also be carried out individually or by a group of supervisors, depending on the need, request or specific situation.

The supervision program will be approved by regional institutions of postgraduate pedagogical education.

The amount of time required for supervision will be determined by the supervisor in consultation with the head of the educational institution. Supervision time should include one or more mentoring cycles.

Suggestions and comments on the draft Standard Regulations on Supervision can be submitted until January 10, 2019 by phone (044) 248-60-70, by e-mail at: or by leaving a comment on the website of the Institute for Modernization of Educational Content.


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The Ministry of Education and Science has approved an educational program for advanced training of school executives

A new training program for school principals has been approved

The Ministry of Education has approved a Standard Educational Program for the organization and training of managers of general secondary education institutions. The corresponding order was signed by the Minister of Education Lilia Grinevich.

The purpose of the program is to modernize the managerial competencies of managers of secondary education institutions for effective management in accordance with the requirements of the Concept "New Ukrainian School".

The authors of the document note that the main objectives of the program should be to improve professional competencies in school management, promote personal and professional development of leaders, deepen knowledge of the psychological component and conceptual foundations of partnership pedagogy, develop skills of systems analysis, development of civic competencies, information culture, etc. …

It is planned that training sessions on the program will take the form of trainings, seminars, workshops, round tables and conferences to share experiences.

Institutions of postgraduate pedagogical education are recommended to use the educational program during the training of school executives, as well as to expand its content in accordance with the needs of the region by including additional training modules.


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The program is designed to evaluate primary school teachers as part of certification

The Ministry of Education and Science presented the EIT program for primary school teachers

The Ministry of Education has developed a draft program for external independent evaluation of primary school teachers. The relevant document has been made public for public discussion.

The program is designed to assess the professional competencies of primary school teachers during 2019-2020 as part of the certification of teachers.

It is planned that independent assessment will be one of the three tools for the certification of primary school teachers and will be used to test the knowledge and skills of teachers in accordance with their job functions.