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With an excellent character roster comprised of Fulgore, Orchid, Jago, T.J. Combo, Riptor, Spinal, Cinder and Glacius – its one of the craziest and most intense fighting game experiences you can have on a 16-bit system. The pre-rendered graphics still hold up pretty well and the smooth-as-butter gameplay just makes it an epic fighting game experience. Rareware exploded into public consciousness with Donkey Kong Country and Killer Instinct. The gory fighting game gave Mortal Kombat a run for its money with better gameplay and music that had you rocking hard.

Yes, younger players will probably be put off by that and throw the cartridge out of the window. But Starwing (I’m English, so that’s what I’ll call it) is loads of fun, played in 2015. It’s a very Nintendo take on SEGA shooters like After Burner and Space Harrier, if that makes any sense to you, instantly captivating and silly and funny.

One is about guns and shooting and not much else; the other is about being kind and friendly and farming and settling down with a nice young man or lady. Anyway, Wild Guns is a single-plane shooter like, say, Operation Wolf, except instead of being on rails your character can jump and dodge. It’s a pared-down arcade experience the like of which we so rarely see in 2015. Because I’m still trying to beat my brother’s times around the first Ghost House circuit. Seriously, that tosser used to annihilate me with Donkey Kong Jr.

Bold and experimental, Hiroki Kikuta’s soundtrack for Secret of Mana was as much a feat of technical engineering as musical inspiration. Everyone has their own favorite, but for us the basic battle theme stands out. A piece of music you will hear literally thousands of times as you fight your way across hill and vale, it always delivers. I will forever be amused that Natsume, creators of Wild Guns, was also the studio behind the Harvest Moon series.

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  • It’s probably needless to say how big Mario was at the time.
  • But in my opinion all 4 of these games are absolute classics that everyone should play at some point.
  • The Mario games have a unique quality to them, an almost kinetic connection with your controller and Mario on the screen.
  • He was practically the face of console gaming itself, having saved the US from a home console video game crash in the 80’s.
  • And all of his titles are some of the most solid platformers ever released.

Sure, there’s no Soda Popinski, but the cast of this game is just as memorable as that of the first title with Bear Hugger, Dragon Chun, that asshole Aran Ryan and that creepy Mad Clown. (I’m not at all biased) Used copies of the game can be had from $34 and up. While new versions of the game come up at $240, there are plenty of used copies ranging from $24 and up. Rare’s Killer Instinct was released on black cartridge! In an era where Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat were the only fighting franchises worth talking about, KI burst on to the scene with Ultra Combos, phenomenal music and a man made entirely out of flames!

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It’s no challenge to finish, but absolutely warrants recognition here. By this I mean the second version including Super Mario World, which I’m putting here just to see how many people pay attention to the words used, rather than just the emboldened bits. Also included is Super Mario Bros. one and three, and also The Lost Levels. Okay, it also features Super Mario Bros. 2, which is exactly as much fun to play as it is receiving a hug from a huge man made of broken glass.

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Many consider it the best fighting game on the SNES and I’m not surprised. If you’ve ignored Super Punch-Out, you should give it a try.

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A game with an amazing sense of place, despite primitive visuals, EarthBound is special. It’s a deeply personal yet relatable tale told through the medium of the Japanese RPG. You have a mum and a dog, a best friend and a sister, an alien invasion, a quaint, quiet town, and a hope and a prayer. Really, EarthBound shouldn’t have been as good as it was, and it certainly shouldn’t still resonate today. But maybe it’s just the fact that most of us have such fond memories of childhood – it’s a way, among many others PS2 roms, to relive that.