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Despite all this, the Spurs lead the division and are 7-4 vs. teams under .500. This is important because the Spurs have always built their gaudy regular-season records by wrecking the bad teams. San Antonio allowed the 11th-most 3-point attempts per 100 possessions last season; now they’re allowing the seventh-fewest.

As the title suggests, this game allows you to compete in over 30 Olympic Games. Plus, there’s also a story mode for you to explore and compete in retro 2D sports events based in 1964. You can play the game single-player or multiplayer, either online or local split-screen. In Mario Tennis Aces, you can play as all of your favorite characters – Mario, Yoshi, Peach, and more.

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Well, not unless an update from 2K has taken its approach to microtransactions to whole new levels of nefarious. Regardless, the Mario & Sonic games have always offered reliably good times and this latest entry is no exception. If you’ve never played a modern FIFA game and picked up any of the Switch entries, you’d likely think it’s a fine game. You wouldn’t be wrong — the base footy experience here is very solid and enjoyable — but veterans of the series will find it hard to overlook the cut corners and caveats of the ‘Legacy’ Switch versions. These games are missing key modes from their counterparts on PS4 and Xbox One, so if you’re FIFA enthusiast with access to those, it’s hard to recommend these versions. Okay, so Golf Zero plays more like Super Meat Boy than any golf game you’ve ever played.

Hollow Sporos Knight stars a nameless knight with a tiny nail to defend itself in the dreary and mysterious world of Hallownest. Where Hollow Knight truly stands out is in its world design and systems. The world of Hallownest is absolutely massive, with each region serving a distinct purpose in the overall flow of the story. Over the course of the adventure, you unlock different abilities that open up new areas. The challenging combat focuses on well-timed dodges and carefully placed strikes. With well-balanced mechanics, cool boss battles, and a world that’s wholly unique, Hollow Knight is a can’t-miss game for metroidvania enthusiasts.

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DeRozan, for his part, has done his best to keep things afloat for the Spurs. However, it will take more of a team effort for San Antonio to get back in the hunt. DeRozan and the Spurs were actually in the top eight of the stacked Western Conference before the All-Star break.

  • There are refined off ball collisions and defensive techniques available in the game for you to take complete control over the players.
  • I, along with most Spurs fans, will miss Aldridge and am very thankful for all he has done for the organization.
  • The Spurs clinched the best record in the NBA with 62 wins, which included a franchise record 19 straight wins in February and March.
  • There isn’t a Wii Sports on the switch nor any game that comes close to being Wii Sports.
  • Few observers could have predicted how far the Spurs would fall during the 1996–97 season, especially with the signing of Dominique Wilkins.
  • The Spurs played in Atlanta on Friday night and in Charlotte on Sunday night, but it’s unclear if either the Hawks or Hornets will be affected by the league’s contact tracing protocols.